About Jaime Gibson

Jaime Gibson is an accomplished music professional, accredited Music Teacher and Director of The Music Teachers Association of NSW.

Graduating with a Bachelor of Music, Graduate Diploma in Education, a Masters in Music Education, Jamie has taught music both in Australia and Internationally at establishments such as The Juilliard School in New York. Jaime is an experienced teacher in Clarinet, Saxophone and Piano in Classical, Jazz, and Pop.

“From playing at Sydney Opera House to Royal Albert Hall, teaching at The Juilliard School or just enjoying an impromptu jazz session in a café in Sarajevo; a career in music has given me exposure to so many different people and cultures. 

Music is more than just learning a new instrument. Music brings people together. Learning music should be fun, enhance creativity, help develop resilience and be a lifelong source of achievement and accomplishment.”  Jaime Gibson

Reflecting on his own musical journey, Jaime understands firsthand that learning music can be frustrating and unfortunately many students give up their journey. As a year 4 student, he loved learning the clarinet and playing in the school band. But what he didn’t like were the exams. At the time, AMEB was the only option and classical music wasn’t really what he enjoyed playing. Luckily for Jaime, he found a musical style he loved like Pop Clarinet and Jazz Saxophone and his Music Teacher motivated him to learn more.

The good news is that music technology has now offered new opportunities to learn what you love and still achieve the rigorous exam syllabus. At Gibson Online Music School, students can now select from over 25,000 pieces for their performance exams – from the Led Zeppelin to the Pink Panther and everything in between.